Friday, February 02, 2007

Happy Groundhog Day!

Punxutawney Phil and Staten Island Chuck didn't see their shadow - so they predicted an early spring. However, East Village Woody - that's another story. So, in East Village, 6 more weeks if winter. Sorry Phil!

And first props for East Village Woody (indirectly)come from The Gothamist:

Del new-york
Gothamist: Cold Week, Warm Century Ahead []
From the page: "Let us start by saying Gothamist loves Staten Island Chuck. But our unconditional love for New York's largest commuting rodent hasn't fogged our assessment of Chuck's forecasting ability. We realize this is the first time Chuck #6 has made a forecast, but it is as wrong as the last couple of forecasts the late Chuck #5 made. It pains us to contradict Chuck. There will be no early spring this year."

Later in the day we started the Imbolc/burning of the Christmas trees party in the garden. In spite of rain coming down , enough hard core party devotees showed up - and a beautiful sight it was!

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